About Eyesthelimit

The Captain: John Dayton

John is an experienced fisherman, he has been fishing for over 40 years, 25 on Lake Erie, and 5 years while chartering trips on his own boat, Eye’s the Limit.  He has caught everything from small Bass to his largest catch being a 126 inch Marlene and 50 pound Salmon. John has the desire to share his love of fishing with others, which includes offering his expertise to those around him in a kind, fun, and engaging way, not content to just tell you how to do something, but show you and give you an opportunity to learn by doing.

John’s main passion is fishing but when he is not able to be out on the water he enjoys hunting, football, basketball, and baseball. John loves his family and enjoys spending time with them, joking around and having fun, which also translates into being a great fishing charter captain.

The Boat : Eye's the Limit

In order to experience the best fishing Lake Erie has to offer you need a reliable and well maintained boat to get you to the best fishing spots. John has owned his boat, Eye’s the Limit, a 21 foot trophy hardtop Bayliner for over 20 years. To say that she is an experienced fishing boat would be putting it lightly. John meticulously maintains her daily to ensure that she continues her track record of being 100% safe and reliable out on the water. She is stored inside when not in normal use and kept from the harsh winter elements. Eyesthelimit was built for fishing because of its hard top that will keep you dry if needed as well as have all the necessary equipment ready and available for charter trips.

Ready to book?

Can’t wait to see you out on the lake! If you are ready to have an adventure book your next charter with Eyesthelimit! Or if you have any questions reach out and John will get back to you asap.